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      Have you ever been afraid you won't succeed in life?

      Until very recently, I would say no.  My career goals in high school were to be an English teacher, the assistant basketball coach, and develop a films course elective.  My first teaching job at Ar-We-Va schools allowed me to achieve all of those goals.  Not bad for 22 years old, huh?  My personal goals were to get married and have kids.  I did both, twice.  J  So I guess that makes me a success.

      It’s not until recently that I had a goal that I have not been able to achieve.  A few years ago, I finally finished a book (hey, another goal knocked off the list!), but despite sending it out to 50 agents, I have not been able to even place it with an agent, let alone get it published.  In this day and age, the traditional publishing route is very, very difficult, yet I see most authors that write in my genre whose book is no better than mine.  In fact, while my book is certainly flawed in places, I think it is pretty great overall.  I would like my book to be published through traditional means, not for the money, because I know that won’t be much, but that would validate my ability.  I know that is egotistical, but my aspirations are mine, and I don’t have to justify them.  I have a few more book ideas, and I may try to go the traditional publishing route or I may go another direction with them.  Only time will tell.

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