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      How do you find happiness when you only feel numb?

      You use the word “numb” here in a way I find quite disconcerting.  I am going to delve a little deep here, and I may be out of my depth, so if I am way off, I apologize.  A feeling of “numbness” is often a sign of clinical depression.  Depression is not feeling sad in the way you expect it to.  When you are clinically depressed, you don’t ever feel too high, or feel too low. 

      The important thing to understand about clinical depression is that it is a medical disorder with a medical solution.  Clinical depression is caused by chemical imbalances that can be fixed with medication.  If you are suffering with clinical depression, or even think you might be, GO TO A DOCTOR.  You can get medication that can help.  It is not a life sentence.  A vast majority of people who are clinically depressed take medication for a while and then get off of it.  It is not a failure of character.  If you had an ear infection, you wouldn’t hesitate to get medical treatment for that, would you?  You don’t even need to see a psychologist, your medical doctor can prescribe most of the common depression medications.  Go get help for the time you need it, then get off the meds when you are ready.  Medication can be a temporary solution to your problem, but clinical depression can lead to suicide, which is a terrible, permanent solution to your temporary problem. 

      Many people you know, including myself, have been on medication for what might be considered a psychological problem.  I’m off now, but if I were feeling bad again (my problem was anxiety, not depression, but same difference) I would get back on in a heartbeat.

      If you are clinically depressed, there is a medical solution to your medical problem.  Go see a doctor.

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