Falling Skies Season 2, Episode 6 Homecoming
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 09:02AM
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Falling Skies S2 Ep6 Homecoming


Our story begins with a quiet morning with Tom and Doc Glass.  They reminisce about the old days and even Tom’s wife.  Whoops.  Apologies and smooches ensue.

Tom arrives late at Weaver’s meeting.  Weaver is pissed off, but before he can lay down the law, he begins to twitch violently and passes out.  The infection from his leg bite has spread all over his body.  Weaver puts Tom in charge of the Second Mass. 

Hal and Margret are walking in the woods.  Margret keeps emotionally pushing Hal away.  They bump into a dead body in the woods, then another, then another.  They are kids whose harness has been removed.  They keep uncovering bodies until they find Karen.  Karen comes to, giving all of us a good scare. 

Tom meets with the Second Mass and tells them he wants to take off for Charleston tonight.  Jamil tells him that they don’t have enough fuel to get to Charleston, they don’t even have enough fuel for another day. 

Tom and Ben both don’t trust Karen’s sudden reappearance; she is put in a locked room.  She seems like the old Karen, but she is disoriented and upset.  Tom questions her, but she has no real answers.  She is put under guard, but Ben stays with her to get information.    Margret agrees with Ben that Hal might not be objective when it comes to Karen. 

Weaver is getting sicker.  Tom wants to send Weaver to Charleson, and when she argues, tells Doc “That’s an order.”  That is probably a mistake.  They have an argument and he calls her by his wife’s name.  Ooooh, also a mistake.  Doc Glass takes it in stride since she is a perfect woman.  Tom apologizes and says that Weaver will stay so the Doc can care for him.

Ben and Karen talk.  Karen talks very convincingly about how much she dislikes the Skitters.  Lourdes has the idea to take out all of Weaver’s blood, heat it to 105 degrees, killing the pathogens, and then pump it back into Weaver.   One of the scouting parties comes back with Pope and Anthony.  Well they weren’t gone long.  Ben and Karen bond over their super powers.  Karen seems to be more powerful than Ben.  When they get close to each other, their spikes glow and they almost smooch.  Hal interrupts and Karen faints.  Hal yells at Ben, saying “What did you do?” and comforts Karen. 

Jamil makes the super machine that can heat up Weaver’s blood.  Gee, I wonder if this will work or if he will die.  The generator goes out, so Tom has to pump the blood manually.  After the commercial Jamil comes back with a portable generator and all is well.  One of the scouts brings back a ton of gas and oil. 

Maggie comes to talk to Karen at gunpoint.  Karen plays innocent for a second, but quickly turns badass.  Karen seems to have a lot of intuition about Maggie, I wonder if she can read minds a little.  It all comes to nothing as Karen kicks Maggie’s ass, throwing her against the wall.  As Ben comes in, she throws herself against the wall and acts all innocent again.  She and Ben take off to join the Skitter resistance.  Hal tries to stop them, but Ben chokes him to unconsciousness.  Karen and Ben jump off the top of the hospital and head into the night. 

Weaver wakes up and seems OK.  Pope wakes up and is not so OK.  He tells Tom that Karen is a spy against the Skitter resistance.  Tom goes to check on Karen and sees what has happened. 



This episode had no Skitters at all, but managed to tell a good story with no CGI.

The moment where Karen lifts the bed was a pretty poor special effect.  A lousy magician could have made it look better.

I liked the relationship stuff between Tom and Anna, but I worry that they are turning her into a superwoman.   


C, this episode was low on surprises and had no real suspense.  There was some good character stuff, but I don’t expect to be able to predict every beat of an episode.  I didn’t even notice until a second viewing that there were no Skitters at all in the episode, so that shows how involving the characters are.  Still a very predictable episode. 


Second Watch:

Drew Roy, Jesse Schram, and director Greg Beeman join Wil this week.  Jesse is very sweet and forthcoming talking about her process of being Karen and her return to the Second Mass.  Apparently when Jesse kissed Connor in the episode, that was a conspiracy between the director and Jesse and Connor had no idea it was going to happen.  Funny story.  Jesse talks about the physicality of the role.  Greg reveals that Steven Spielberg is very involved with the creation of the creatures.   A good episode overall.

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