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      Daily Obsession 7-4

      Tuesday Super Smackdown:  A good show this week. Zac Ryder winning the batte royale to be GM next week makes sense from a storyline perspective, but was still a surprise with all the big names in the match.  Bryan/Punk/AJ continues to be the highlight of the show.  I also loved this little bit where Kane lit the barbeque with his pyro.


      Kathleen Madigan: Gone Madigan: I’ve been a fan of Kathleen Madigan since I saw her on Last Comic Standing and this stand-up special was a treat.  I’d recommend it highly.





      Alien The Director’s Cut:  I’ve never seen any of the Alien movies, so Mymissy and I are in the process or rectifying that.  Frankly, I didn’t really care for most of it.  The first hour was just so slow.  I understand that it was a different time and all, but I just didn’t think it held up really well.  I really liked the final scene with Ash, which was a cool surprise, although a bit out of nowhere.  The sets were awesome, but the monster was really static.  I’m watching the other three this month, so I hope they are more interesting.  It was a good watch from a historical perspective, but not a great time at the movies.  I mean, I had a better time than this guy:

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