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      American Dream Paper

      Rubric here.

      American Dream Essay


                      This 5 paragraph essay will give you the opportunity to discuss how the American Dream is portrayed in the stories we have read so far this year.  Some materials that would be exceptionally good are: Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Winter Dreams, and the poets of the Harlem Renaissance.  There are lots of other things we have read that would also be acceptable for this paper.  This paper will serve multiple purposes.  You will demonstrate understanding of the literary concept of the American Dream and the stories themselves.  You will show understanding of proper research paper conventions.  You will show your understanding of proper grammar, spelling and writing conventions.  Information about the five paragraph essay has been covered before, and all of that information can be found on the website.




      Demonstrates understanding of the theme of the American Dream_____/15

      Demonstrates understanding of proper 5 paragraph essay form_____/10

      Demonstrates proper langue conventions for a paper (no writing crutches) _____/5





      Punctuation/Capitalization  _____/5

      Sentence structure_____/5

      Paragraph structure and proper title format _____/5


      Typing bonus/Late deduction      _____


      Total:   _____/50






      Cool graphics about wealth, click here.


      One of my favorite writer, John Scalzi, on being poor.


      A smart man, Paul Krugman, talking about the war on the poor in this country.


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