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      Archetypes: Why Does the Devil Wear Red?


      Why does the devil wear red? 

      TV Tropes: Big Red Devil, Satanic Archetype, Grandpa God

      Devil and Tom Walker or page 177


      Tuesday:  Quiz and Discussion of D& TW

      Discuss Devil Archetype, Tom, Tom's Wife, Characters from The Crucible


      Wednesday and Thursday:

      Archetype Powerpoint

      Archetype Worksheet



      5 paragraph Essay notes

      Download here.


      Book Report Due Oct 11

      Download rubric here, or use format below.



      Book Report Assignment


      A book report consists of four parts.  The INTRODUCTION tells the title, author, and some basic information about the book.  The PLOT SUMMARY tells the beginning of the book, and a little bit about what happens, setting etc..  It does not tell the ending!  The OPINION section tells what you liked and didn’t like about the book.  The CONCLUSION quickly summarizes the information in your report and gives your recommendation for or against the book.  Be as specific as you can with your recommendations; no book is for everyone!  Feel free to use these four titles as headings for your report; it will help you remember to do all four parts.

      The book you read must be approved before you begin reading.  First semester it can be basically any book, second semester it must be a more substantial work that has literary merit.  Always have your book with you during class.  While reading days are typically Fridays, that is not always the case.  Make sure you underline book titles in your report.




      Introduction (1 paragraph)                   ________/5


      Plot Summary (2 paragraphs)               ________/10


      Opinion (4 paragraphs)                        ________/20


      Conclusion (1 paragraph)                      ________/5





      Spelling                                                  ________/10


      Punctuation                                           ________/5


      Sentence Structure                                 ________/5


      Grammar/Word Use                                 ________/5


      Format                                                      ________/5


      Typing Bonus +5/Late Deduction               ________


      Total                                                                             ________/70


      The Opinion Section:


      A majority of your book report is the opinion section.  I am interested in your opinions and most importantly your reasons for them.  You will be hitting on many of the Common Core Standards in this part.  You need to cite textual evidence.  You can usually talk about these things without spoiling the ending, but if you can’t then don’t talk about them.  No spoilers is the #1 rule!  You do not have to hit all of the things listed below, but they give you a good place to start.


      *Theme:  What are the central themes of the piece?  How are the themes demonstrated in the book?

      *Plot:  How does the author create a plot that is interesting?  Was the pacing of the book good, or was it too fast or too slow?  Does the action build to a climax and end satisfactorily?  What are some of your favorite parts of the book, or what parts did not work for you at all? 

      *Characters:  Are the characters interesting and people you want to spend time with?  What does the author do that makes them interesting?  How is the dialog?  Do the characters grow and change over the course of the story?  How so?  Who are some of your favorite and least favorite characters and why?

      *Changes:  What changes would you make in the story?

      *Literary merit:  Is this book deserving of the term, “Classic?”  Is it a book that should be studied as a piece of literature or is its value purely as a story? 



      The Crucible Week of Sept 9: 

      We will be watching a film version of The Crucible this week. 


      The Crucible on IMDB


      As you watch, please complete the following worksheet.


      Download worksheet here.


      5 paragraph essay rubric here.



      Book Recommendations

      Recommended Books for Book Reports


      Elliot Rosewater books: 

      Blue and Red dots on the Spine

      Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children




      The Last Thing I Remember

      Ready Player One


      Science Fiction: 

      Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

      Westerbrook, The Uglies

      Collins, The Hunger Games

      TV shows and Movies



      George Martin, Game of Thrones

      J. R. R. Tolkein, Lord of the Rings

      JK Rowling, Harry Potter;

      Riordan, Percy Jackson



      Steven King

      Twilight, Meyer

      World War Z, Brooks

      Rot and Ruin, Maybery


      Sports Books: 

      Walter Dean Meyers;

      Chris Crutcher, Ironman

      Rich Wallace, Wrestling Sturbridge

      Sports Bios


      African American: 

      Walter Dean Meyers, Monster

      Sharon Draper, Tears of a Tiger


      Books For Girls:

      Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

      Jodi Picoult The Pact)

      Cecilly Von Ziegeser, Gossip Girl

      Beatrice Sparks Go Ask Alice

      Hopkins, Crank

      Books for Boys:

      Tom Clancy, Net Force

      Gary Paulson (No Hatchet)


      Young Adult Fiction: 

      John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

      Robert Cormier, The Chocolate War

      Rob Thomas, Slave Day

      Jerry Spinelli; Stargirl

      SE Hinton (No Outsiders)

      Janet Tashjian Fault Line Terry Trueman Stuck in Neutral;

      Laurie Anderson Speak

      Rodman Philbrick, Freak the Mighty;

      Graham McNamee, Acceleration;

      Schraff or Langdon, Blueford Series;

      Alice Seabold, The Lovely Bones


      Adult Fiction: 

      Michael Chrichton

      Dan Brown, The DaVinci Code;

      Thomas Harris;

      William Goldman, The Princess Bride;

      John Steinbeck



      Dave Pelzer,

      Gregory Williams,

      other memoirs (Stick Figure, The Glass House, Have a Nice Day)  



      The Last Shot,

      Hoop Dreams,

      Friday Night Lights,

      History Books