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      5 paragraph essay

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      Opinion Paper



                  This paper is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the five paragraph essay form.  You should pick some topic where you have an opinion.  This can be a very serious topic, such as prayer in schools or why America should not be involved in wars.  Or it can be something much less serious, such as why the Pacers will win the NBA finals or that Kat Williams is the funniest comedian of all time.  The only real goal is to be persuasive.  This should be in the formal essay form.





      Demonstrates a strong opinion                                                           _____/5


      Introduction and conclusion                                                               _____/10


      Details support main ideas                                                                  _____/10


      Is the piece persuasive?                                                                       _____/10




      Spelling                                                                                               _____/5


      Punctuation                                                                                         _____/5


      Grammar/word use                                                                             _____/5


      Sentence structure                                                                               _____/5


      Format                                                                                                 _____/5


      Typing Bonus +5                                                                                _____


      Total                                            _____/60

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