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      The Raven


      short story rubric

      You can download it here.


      or look at it here:




      Creative Writing Assignment


                  You may write the story of your choice for this assignment.  It can be of any genre (romance, horror, adventure, comedy) but your topics, language, and content must be appropriate.  If there are questions about appropriateness come and see me.




      Story has an interesting introduction                                _____/10


      Action builds to a climax                                                    _____/15


      Strong resolution to the conflict                                         _____/5


      Use of indirect characterization                                           _____/10


      Realistic dialog                                                                    _____/10




      Spelling                                                                                 _____/5


      Punctuation                                                                           _____/5


      Grammar/Word choice                                                           _____/5


      Sentence Structure                                                                  _____/5


      Format                                                                                    _____/5


      Typing Bonus (+5)/Late Deduction                                            _____




      Total                                      _____/75



      Creative Writing Week of Sept 23

      Monday:  Setting

      Setting is the time and place where a story takes place.

      Story links:  Chocolate Shakes, The Juvins


      Tuesday:  Conflict

      Internal Conflict:  takes place in the character's head

      Man vs. Self

      External Conflict: takes place outside the character

      Man vs. Man, Man Vs. Nature, Man Vs. Society, Man Vs. Technology, etc.

      Story Links:  The Sleepover


      Wednesday:  Dialog

      Dialog Example

              “I wanna go to the park,” whined Timmy.

              Timmy’s mom said with a hiss, “Don’t you back talk me!  Who do you think you are?  I told you if you didn’t clean your room, you had to stay home.”

              “No!  You said, ‘If you get your homework done, you can go,’” Timmy argued.

              “I did not!”

              “You did!”

              “Why you lying?” she screamed.  “You…you…you gonna be grounded!”

              “I don’t care!  I never git to go anywheres anyways!”  Timmy stamped out the door, slamming it behind him.


      Story Link: Invisible Girl


      Thursday: Point of View

      1st Person POV:  Narrator of the story is inside the story, only know 1 person's thoughts and feelings

      3rd Person (Limited) POV: Narrator of the story is outsdie the story, only know 1 person's thoughts and feelings

      3rd person (omnicient) POV: Narrator of the story is outside the story, know everyone's thoughts and feelings

      Story Link: The Story of Sunshine

      First Person


             I walked into my fourth hour class with a smile on my face.  Mr. Jackson’s class was always fun.  My smile faded though when I saw a substitute teacher.  He was wearing a scowl on his face and said to me, “Git in your seat right now!”


      Third Person (Limited)


             Jake walked into the room with a goofy grin on his face.  He liked Mr. Jackson, and his class.  His smile faded when he saw the substitute teacher.  The smile changed to a frown when the sub said, “Git in your seat right now!”


      Third Person (Omniscient)


             Jake walked into his fourth hour class with a big smile on his face.  Social studies always made his day.  The substitute teacher however, was not happy for fourth hour to start.  His last class had been very disrespectful and he had had to write two referrals.  He didn’t need to see the cocky grin on the late arrival’s face.  Jake’s good mood took a turn for the worse when the sub scowled and said, “Git in your seat right now!”


      Book Report Due Oct 11

      Download Here, or look at from on website below.                                                                       


      Book Report Assignment


      A book report consists of four parts.  The INTRODUCTION tells the title, author, and some basic information about the book.  The PLOT SUMMARY tells the beginning of the book, and a little bit about what happens, setting etc..  It does not tell the ending!  The OPINION section tells what you liked and didn’t like about the book.  The CONCLUSION quickly summarizes the information in your report and gives your recommendation for or against the book.  Be as specific as you can with your recommendations; no book is for everyone!  Feel free to use these four titles as headings for your report; it will help you remember to do all four parts.

      The book you read must be approved before you begin reading.  First semester it can be basically any book, second semester it must be a more substantial work that has literary merit.  Always have your book with you during class.  While reading days are typically Fridays, that is not always the case.  Make sure you underline book titles in your report.




      Introduction (1 paragraph)                             ________/5


      Plot Summary (2 paragraphs)                         ________/10


      Opinion (4 paragraphs)                                   ________/20


      Conclusion (1 paragraph)                                ________/5





      Spelling                                                         ________/10


      Punctuation                                                   ________/5


      Sentence Structure                                        ________/5


      Grammar/Word Use                                        ________/5


      Format                                                             ________/5


      Typing Bonus +5/Late Deduction                      ________


      Total                                                                                        ________/70


      The Opinion Section:


      A majority of your book report is the opinion section.  I am interested in your opinions and most importantly your reasons for them.  You will be hitting on many of the Common Core Standards in this part.  You need to cite textual evidence.  You can usually talk about these things without spoiling the ending, but if you can’t then don’t talk about them.  No spoilers is the #1 rule!  You do not have to hit all of the things listed below, but they give you a good place to start.


      *Theme:  What are the central themes of the piece?  How are the themes demonstrated in the book?

      *Plot:  How does the author create a plot that is interesting?  Was the pacing of the book good, or was it too fast or too slow?  Does the action build to a climax and end satisfactorily?  What are some of your favorite parts of the book, or what parts did not work for you at all? 

      *Characters:  Are the characters interesting and people you want to spend time with?  What does the author do that makes them interesting?  How is the dialog?  Do the characters grow and change over the course of the story?  How so?  Who are some of your favorite and least favorite characters and why?

      *Changes:  What changes would you make in the story?

      *Literary merit:  Is this book deserving of the term, “Classic?”  Is it a book that should be studied as a piece of literature or is its value purely as a story? 



      Tuesday Sept. 10-11 Harrison Bergeron

      Read the story Harrison Bergeron.  Quiz tomorrow


      Click here to link to the story.